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Ethereum, Doge, USDC and Bitcoin cash payments are accepted here

Terms & Conditions

Our website allows members to purchase licenses to use digital goods such as website themes/templates and plugins. Every purchase and transaction is recorded on your membership page.You can see order history, download file and print Invoice. If you need invoice, you must insert your name and address before checkout.


To get a membership you must register and fill out the required form. By having a membership you can buy the items available on our website.

If you are under 16 years old, you need to be under the supervision of a legitimate parent or legal guard who is at least 17 years old, this will be responsible for all your activities.


If you want to buy products on our website, you have several payment options, such as balance points, bitcoin transfer and paypal.


-You can not cancel a completed purchase

-We do not promise that any particular item will continue to be available, so you'll need to download and store the item as soon as you buy it.

-Do not resell without official license from author / extended license

-You will not spread the item for free on the internet media, if you found out infringing, your account will be banned permanently without notice.

-You should immediately contact the product devoloper before 24 hours (after purchase) if you have a problem with the product you purchased. Support does not include customize layout / features. The minimum limit of claims issue is 2 days, if within 2 days the buyer does not have a complaint, then the item will be considered legally sold.

-All buyers IP are recorded on our system.


We will keep the information you submit.


This is a digital download items, we generally do not offer refunds on purchases, this is to protect the devoloper from hijacking items / themes. 

But you can request refund max 7 days after purchase this item if item have error and we can't solved the problem. Note: this term not include customize theme or problem from other part like plugins or hosting. We only specially support about theme and default functions from theme.

If themes have problems contact your support team immediately


To get a membership, you must register and fill out the required form. By having a membership you can join the affiliate program. If you have registered as a buyer, you can login to member area and click join affiliate without having to register again. Every sale through your affiliate link, then you will get 25% commission/sales. You can promote affiliate links with banners or regular links. Commission will be paid automatically by the system if there is a sale through your affiliate link. Comission later you can melt through paypal.

We do not allow to:

-Promote affiliate link by spam

-Purchase item with your own affiliate link

-Promote affiliate link in porn and gambling site

Withdraw Balance to PAYPAL

if you want to dilute your point balance to Paypal, you can riquest through withdraw menu. 

For disbursement of point balances, a minimum balance of 7 days into account, this is to protect the buyer from refund claims if there is a problem with the product sold.


We do not tolerate piracy / hacking actions of any kind. If there is a hacking on the balance of points, then the points are not valid to be redeemed. Accounts that commit fraud will be banned without notice.


-Using a fake email address, imitating others, or portraying yourself with others;

-Trying to gain unauthorized access to computer systems or content (Hacking)

- Using a sara name, breaking the norm and inappropriate

-Using information collected from our site for purposes that may confuse or mislead consumers

-To attempt to genuinely interfere with or, negatively impact or alter the operation of our site in any way;

Post any content in violation of applicable law, infringing intellectual property rights or other rights of us or others, or false, obscene, unprofessional, offensive, misleading or defamatory.

-Modify, reproduce, display, publish, distribute, copy, transmit, perform, license, create download links, transfer or sell or resell any information, content, software or items obtained from or through our website.