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Our License describes the terms, conditions and restrictions applicable to your use of any our products downloaded by our market.

Single License

One License will allow you to use each product on your website only (  max 2 domains / install / client  ) (  for one person  ). This website must belong to you or your client. Can be used for max website design services for 2 clients / Installation, if more than 2 clients have to buy new licenses / or buy multiple licenses.

To use the same product again, you must buy it again for use on another website. Resale is not permitted in any form. Your license is a single license. You must renew your license if you want to use themes for more than 2 websites.

Multi License

Multi License will allow you to use every product on your website / Client  to install unlimited your site / client  ). This website must belong to you or your client. Can be used for website design services with many clients. This license is suitable for you website design service providers. 
Not allowed to be sold in the form of themes. License cannot be inherited / given to others.

Extended License

With extended license you have the right to use themes in all your projects. You can use for all your websites, your client websites and for website design services.  You are not allowed to edit or change the contents of the themes and resell it ( rebrand).

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