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Ethereum, Doge, USDC and Bitcoin cash payments are accepted here

Move Account from

We regret to inform you that the Osclass Market ( will be closing down on September 5th 2019. After that date, Market developers and buyer accounts will not be accessible.

We need a new place to continue to help you get updates about osclass themes. For this reason, we built the website to be able to provide you with updates and support for themes.

How to move from to

If you are a customer of (have purchased themes from there), now you can move to by registering on this website.


Yes, but you only pay 30% from price. We will give you a 70% discount.

please contact us to get the coupon code. Show the screenshot/ purchase code from to claim a 70% discount.

How to claim discount ?  read here


At the moment we need a large fee to create and finance a server for this new site. So the price of 30% we think is quite affordable. We only have one month to make this site working, before osclass market closed.

If you want to help us develop this  site, you can buy themes at normal prices, we really appreciate it.

Features will coming 

  • Ticket system in member area


If you not want to pay again, no problem. You still get support from our team. Just ask to our team if you have question about problem. But you can't access for next themes update.

We don't force to buy again, you can still use the themes that you have bought in the osclass market. You still get support from our team. but you don't get the next update. if the osclass market opens again you can access again updates for this theme in osclass market.


For new buyers, you will also get a promo price. Special 30% discount using this coupon code "discount30"

Limited time, please claim before this  offer expired. But if you want to help us develop this new site, you can buy themes at normal prices, we really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for all you supports.

Regards Official